LOG UI EVENTS EASILY. Forget about notebooks, diaries, and "incontinence logs". iDry gives you an easy and discreet way to keep track of your UI events when they occur - just a few seconds and a couple of taps every time you change a pad or diaper.

CHART YOUR PROGRESS. iDry combines your log data and its built-in database of over 500 different pads and diapers to show you in detail the progress you're making in overcoming your UI, including the date when, if trends continue, you'll be completely dry.

SEE WHAT WORKS. iDry has a database of 45 of the most common interventions used to hhelp overcome UI: drugs, medical devices, diet changes, herbal medicines, exercises, lifestyle changes and medical procedures. Tell iDry when you start a particular intervention, and you'll see your rate of progress since then.